25 thoughts on “Sailing South: Solo Sailing in Convoy w/ Daphne & Elizabeth Episode 4

  1. LOL, I remember watching your video, when I was in the Navy stationed on board USS Midway in Japan..I was always up and excited when we left port for a cruise. I remember when she lit her burners you could smell the diesel and the ship came alive! and the countdown to making way..and that first wonderful smell of open sea!..the smooth glassy water at night in the Indian Ocean..and how beautiful the Phillipine Islands looked when we arrived..I even said then, “I gotta get a ocean Sailboat”

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  3. Your videos are great, and very inspiring! I was doing tons of research into different boats, yours made me look into a bristol cutter, then s/v angel made me look into the bayfield 32s(which I think I want), and s/v Daphne made me look into the nor’sea (bit too small)! I will finish saving up the money I need to move in and liveabord in about a year, I am glued to videos like this! Sad to see Theresa sold Daphne! Btw, how was Dory onboard? I was going to take a bombay…I was afraid she’d jump

  4. Thanks so much. I’m glad you like the vids. I cannot tell you what size boat you should live on. Its really your preference. For some, my 27ft would be small, but I thought it was luxurious! People have different levels of comfort. Just look at a lot of boats and spend some time on them. You’ll get an idea of your preference.

  5. Woa Benji! Did I hear you whistling at about 2:49? Please tell me that was a squeaky wind-vane gear! Its bad luck to whistle on a sailboat. I’m now certain that you cased the big squall we saw the next day. Thanks a lot.

  6. I am planning in becoming a live aboard and living on a sailboat. I’ll be working during the week so I’ll prob have a slot at a marina and go sailing on the weekends! What size boat would you recommend? I’m a bachelor so it would just be me living on the boat. I really like the Catalina 315 but want to know if 31.5′ is large enough? Thanks and I love your videos! I hope you and Ben have a great life together!

  7. Perhaps run then edit 🙂 i work in the audiovisual field, nothing like a fresh feeling before an editing session.

  8. I agree with you and m. Lucas, but I am subscribed 🙂 to your youtube channel, the blog and the facebook page.
    This is how I saw your video originally and have been interested in your updates for quite some time! Very inspirational.

  9. Yes, more vids coming! Subscribe to get updates. I learned from George Lucas that it’s good to put up Episode 4 first 😉

  10. Thank you for subscribing to my channel! After following you two for a few years, I consider it a great compliment that you would follow me.

  11. Hi Tom, Just subscribed to your channel – looking forward to checking out your catalog. Thanks for watching.

  12. SWELL………………………glad you two found one another…….loved watching this….and hearing the radio..you two are an inspiration for many…..and of course, the envy of some

  13. You guys are so great! Such an inspiration for my future voyages on my little Tartan 27.

  14. Thanks for some new material. Great to see. We’re always working on new videos, too, so it’s good to watch others’ videos when they are available.

  15. I have to tell you; while I have many good things that tie me to the land, I feel my spirit soar a bit when I see the videos of your travels. On the open sea, hunkered down in the harbor; doesn’t matter. Thanks for that, and please…keep them coming.
    Most of my time on the water has been in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing with friends & family and never under sail. You guys inspire me to learn one of these days soon. Again, thanks!

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