24 thoughts on “Small Boat Sailing to Crooked Island

  1. Aw…this is the beautiful part of Florida…away from the craziness and crimes of the city. Nothing like saltwater, fresh air, uninhibited marine life! Seriously, many more beautiful sailing days in the future to you.

  2. Hi, It’s been awhile since you made this video, and if there was a problem, I’m sure you’ve corrected it by now, but at about 1:50 on the video, it looks like your boat’s forward, starboard shroud is very, very loose. Being on the windward side, on a starboard tack, I would think that both of those shrouds would be very tight.. Hope you enjoy many pleasant hours sailing. I sail, and want to go enjoy what the gulf has to offer. “Gnarly’s,” Captain Rusty.

  3. I’m pretty sure those are Horseshoe Crabs mate. I’m from Canada, really inspirational video! Soon to be a sailor myself.

  4. I concur with most of the comments; that looked like a great trip. It was fun watching your video. I have an Islands 17, similar to a Tanzer 16.

  5. THANKS!!!! I really appreciate your comment Jason. I’m glad you enjoyed it, truly I am.

  6. Great, I’ll check back from time to time and see how things are going. Keep posting your videos. I enjoy them.

  7. Hey there! Thanks, I’m really glad you like my videos. Be safe over there and if your military or such, thank you for your service. 18 months? No telling where I may be in life so you never know. When you get back shoot me a message and you may get lucky.

  8. Hey, I’ve enjoyed your videos..the sailing ones as well as the others. I’ll be returning to Florida from overseas in 18 months and will be looking for either a Monty or Sage 17. Keep me in mind if you ever decide  to upgrade and sell yours.

  9. Glad you found it enjoyable! That should be a wonderful trip! I have some more videos where I took mine down to the Keys for a week, check them out!

  10. For me, a snowbird (Quebec, Canada), this video is an inspiration. My boat is a Bayfield 25 and my project is to pull the boat until Jacksonville Fl and cruise ICW to Key West…in winter of course! Thank for your video….happy sail…

  11. I do lol Motorsailing is when you have your sails up and the engine running also. It’s common to do it when the wind is light.

  12. It was Scott! I checked out your video of your Catalina and it looks like a really nice boat. Should be perfect for some weekend cruising. Best of luck and have a blast!

  13. great little trip! I have a 16′ Catalina and looking forward to some overnight trips with her this summer.

  14. Oh yea, should get some good day sails with that thing. You know people do overnighters in them though, it’s called dinghy cruising. Just make a little tent enclosure under the boom and your set. Or just bring and tent and camp on the beach. Google dinghy cruising 😉

  15. @vtwin4life I have a 1969 American 16 that I live on most the summer! I’m only 13 years old! And american sail bought out american fiberglass company, the company that made my boat.

  16. This looks awesome. Cool video. I just ordered an American Sail 14.6 with a little Honda. I won’t be able to do over nighters like you, but I’m hoping for some great day sailing with my wife.

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