25 thoughts on “Sailing from Hawaii to Alaska-Day 22: Dolphins on the Hunt

  1. Small yacht radar reflectors are worthless according to SAS
    wont let me post link to the SAS study from 1995

  2. I am getting a boat after I’m done in the Navy and planning on Liveaboard Cruising as long as I can. Really like your videos! One of the bonuses of YouTube.

  3. I just started watching so I may be asking this prematurely. Where did you stop for supply replenishing?

  4. you looked thinner in this vid. I’m sure she feeds you well. mmm IPA. take care.

  5. If I don’t actively work at keepi9ng my weight up, I tend to sink down to about 150 or 155 lbs. That is why I am having a pint of IPA and a bowl of chili right now.

  6. I’ve followed all your adventures and enjoy them but find the volume of the drums giving me a headache. Please cut down on the drums and the length of them, I’d sooner listen to the last couple minutes of chuck talking with the water in the background than the constant beating of those now annoying drums. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend but the repetitive drums are too much.
    Cheers and safe travels.

  7. I often think that I am too tall for my Vega, but when I see you both in these lovely video’s it looks that you can deal very well with the small amount of space that is left! How tall are you? 😉

  8. We wait until we are in port. Two reasons: The editing process requires several hours of computer time and we have no internet access while at sea.

  9. are you able to upload these vids while you are underway? or do you wait till you’re in port?

  10. We run the masthead tri-color at sea if we are under way. When hove to we show the anchor light.

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