Fort Lauderdale yacht all set to get one day makeover

It appears that The Holy Cow is not the same anymore. Following a 1 day makeover, the ninety five foot vessel now touts a contemporary new look that its owner expects would make it more sellable at the forthcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show event.

Beige pillows, fake floral arrangements as well as other décor invoking to a much more mature purchaser lost their spot on ship on Tuesday and got it replaced with white, natural roses, shimmering white and black print pillows, a crystal sphere as well as other things appeared more desirable to a greater bunch of yacht seekers.

Frances Herrera Interior Design’s president Frances Herrera told that they are making the lifestyle of the prospective buyer. He would be introducing luxurious elements which have modern and contemporary patterns to them that are going to give it a more youthful, younger look as well as textures that are going to make it feel rich.

The makeover of The Holy Cow was a PlainSailing project for Herrera. This means that it was a day long transformation. Denison Yacht Sales’ David Johnson the first impressions is important; it has to be a positive one. It has always best to hire interior decorators to stage the vessel to make it more neutral to everyone’s preference. The owner’s personal preference may not be what someone else is looking for.