25 thoughts on “Donovan – Sailing Homeward 1973

  1. the magical, mystical poet of our age. this guy is beyond
    everything…astral angel and all the wonders he brought into this world.
    thanks don……hurdy gurdy hurdy gurdy…..

  2. I LOVE this song, I wish the non-live version was more readily available.
    (It’s on the “Essense To Essence” album, which is very hard to come by.)

  3. I met and had a long conversation with Donovan in 1982. He is as beautiful
    as his music…he was vivacious, well read, intelligent, a great sense of
    humor. Good Soul…

  4. ドノバンの音楽には、限りなく美しい旋律とやさしい歌声、そして波一つ立たない湖面の静けさのような静寂さがある。この曲はその最たるものである。

  5. i could listen to this all night long,just love donovan,chill out time at
    its finest,thats got nothing to do with he gave me 50p in wgc in 1972 when
    i was 5 years old,still a great song writer and performer a real british gem

  6. One more excellent Donovan. One of his “certain songs that can lower
    people’s heart rate”, as his wrote for ‘Isle Of Islay” (from “A Gift From A
    Flower To A Garden”

  7. Oh my God! I’ve been looking for this song for like 15 years since I saw
    Pied Piper as a child! Thank you so such for posting it!!!

  8. I think this guy came from some celestial world just to play his songs for
    us folks stuck on the Earth plane. Thank you Dono!

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