25 thoughts on “Hydrofoil : world speed sailing record for Hydroptere at 51.36 knots

  1. he got some strength in his armes I believe 😀
    seriously if you trim one of these sails you still need a lot of power.

  2. just sail in an intense hurricane. 300kph for 5 seconds then you die with a new world record

  3. well when your going at a closed reach or a closed hauled you are almost going straight into the wind creating more pressure in the mane and jib. The only time you cant go faster that the wind on a hydrofoil boat is when your in the running position. There for the only time the wind can determinism how fast you can go is when you are going with the wind (the running position).

  4. I’m sorry but how can It go faster than the wind which is providing the energy? by going faster wouldn’t it be slowed down by slower winds?

  5. I’ve just been watching a heap of hydrofoil vids of all kinds. One thing in common – they all have a soundtrack pinched from old pornos or 70’s cop show pilots! WTF?

  6. I, unlike you, have a “PhD in thinking”. You have a “PhD in being a dick”. Run along, faggot. You are not smart, interesting or funny.

  7. try getting a PhD in thinking it will change your life. You have the time to write comments but don’t have the brains to spend 2,5 seconds of your life to check something up that interests you. Enjoy the video prick

  8. again, dumbass: i watch a vid like this to learn something. They could have simply listed the wind speed. There is no need for me to go out and get a PhD in sailing to get a simple piece of info. Take your (attempt at) condescending bull and stuff it, jerk.

  9. In 2009, the world speed sailing record on water was set by a hydrofoil trimaran sailing at 1.71 times the speed of the wind. do the maths

  10. Sure. But can you pack it up and take it home on the roof of your car at the end of the day?!

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