18 thoughts on ““I’d Rather Be Sailing” – Audrey Filson

  1. It doesn´t matter which gender it´s written for. A woman could just as well sing this.I don´t see why not!

  2. Have you heard the William Finn revue “Infinite Joy”? A woman performs this song in that revue – and William Finn himself accompanied for that recording, so I don’t think he objects to women singing it.

  3. Thank you for being the one to say something. People are idiots. Thank you for being one of the smart ones. 🙂

  4. If you know so much about theatre then you should realize that songs can be interpreted different ways by many different people. Way to not be open minded!!! 🙂  She performed beautifully.

  5. This song was not meant for a woman to sing. If you knew anything about its author or the show it comes from, this would not have happened.

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