9 thoughts on “In This Moment- Sailing Away (bonus track)

  1. I’ve been following them since the beginning and love every album just the same but If I had to pick which album is best out of 4 that’s hard but most likely this one would be it

  2. This and into the light are the only songs that have ever made my eyes watery, I will forever be loyal to in this moment, they will forever be my #1 band, even of they Llewelyn releasing albums like blood.

  3. Ive been listening to a playlist for ITM, and the second this song started, I didnt even know what the lyrics would be yet, I started crying. You know a band is amazing if you cry within three seconds of one of their songs.

  4. thanks so much 🙂 they had this song out awhile ago but removed it and put it as a bonus track instead. It made it hard to find, so thanks so much :)

  5. No problem 🙂 I couldn’t find this song anywhere on here so I decided to upload it lol

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