16 thoughts on “Proa “Madness”: Launch and First Sail

  1. If they ever do a sequel to “Water World” I think you may have an exotic contender for Kevin Costner’s original trimaran. She is magnificent. Your sound track took me back and made me miss our good old Indy 20 like never before.

  2. Any news about this proa, I am waiting the complete kit and plan to be ready for sell. I love it boat.

  3. waitaminnit– what did you do about 8:00- reverse the ama? Or reverse the video LtoR?
    IOW, you are returning with the outrigger on the port side!?

  4. Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of an ultralight across the akas… Congrats for seeing the project through by the way.

  5. It’s functionally possible, but impractical. You’d need some sort of scheme to keep the boat upright once ama was detached. And because great strength and redundancy is required in the aka attachments, getting it detached would be fussy and take a long time. Also, good ama design is not good kayak design for a boat with this much horsepower. MUCH better would be an ultralight kayak or canoe lashed across the akas, ready for instant use.

  6. This may be a crazy suggestion, but would it be possible to use the ama as a detachable sea kayak? For example in a case where one brought the proa up on shore and decided to do some coastal exploring. It seems like the ama set up already detaches conveniently for trailer use. How much of a hassle would it be to give the proa this sort of dual purpose action? Would it involve redesign? Could the ama conceivably be used as a tandem kayak like the Chesapeake Sport Tandem?

  7. More sailing video in the spring. The boat is put to bed for the winter, and my new daughter is a healthy distraction. Flying the ama is definitely something only done to show off. It’s heavy enough not to need ballast up to about 15 knots, and then only if you’re pushing.

  8. I’m really excited about this project, but I’m curious about her ability to stand up to sail without a cameraman on the float. The float just looks so very light, and she has quite a bit of sail. Any comments?

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