24 thoughts on “Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

  1. You can sail anywhere as long as it is a lake. There are tons of available lakes within a short drive of pretty much any part of kansas. Even if you dont live near a lake or ocean, it is still a good thing to learn for the future.

  2. In the sailing language how do you translate ” hitting the cougher with a 2×4 on his head”?

  3. Basically a good video but the coughing is driving me crazy, too.. Also, the sound could be better. Yes, Kansas~water?

  4. Sweet man. I was just out sailing a 48ft boat yesterday and I loved it. Going out next Sunday again so I’m trying to learn the lingo a little bit.

  5. You are an excellent speaker and teacher. Thank you for posting these videos. It helped me a lot!

  6. Wow, I hope the popped collar does not mean this guy is not a good teacher.

  7. awesome … just wish the kid in class with the lovely cough didn’t come to class sick!

  8. wow i had my first lesson on a beach 5 feet from the ocean and 10 mins after starting i was on my boat!

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