23 thoughts on “Incredible – A boat capsizes while sailing under spinnaker in heavy weather

  1. Been there done that… except our spinnaker filled with water and i was up to my man boobs in water.

  2. “The most retarded shit ever in comments sections on youtube” is an intensely competitive category. I don’t think you can appropriate it to sailing videos without a fight. A fight that involves a lot of nasty language, various side-trips into religion, guns, and politics, suggestions about how to make $20 an hour working from home, and comments that received too many negative votes.

  3. Pitchpole, Dickdrole, whatever. Overturned boat is capsized. In racing boat is considered capsize when mast is toching the water.

    Amazing footage, how it rights itself immediately. Boy they were extremely lucky on this one.

  4. I would guess 35 to 40 knots speed, but thats just that — a guess.  The crew was in a really dangerous situation for a few seconds. Whew!!

  5. My friend and i did this exact thing last week on a 420, but we turtled the thing. It flipped all the way over

  6. The comment section on sailing videos… filled with the most retarded shit ever :L why do people care if it was a pitch pole or a capsize?

  7. She’s planning so it has broken the restriction of hull speed. looked to bury the bow in a wave. Agree the donkey cry guy is a twat.

  8. like freestyle kayaks but with sails. i love it, intentional pitch-poles/spins.

  9. This supposed to be a sailing channel. IME using incorrect terms can be disaster on a boat. They don’t have “funny” names for everything just to be secretive.

  10. Technically speaking capsize can be on its side, or upside down. Depends on the boat to a certain extent. A knock down and capsized are basically about time in the wrong position when just to one side.

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