25 thoughts on “Moth Sailing

  1. Mate flying an opti is like flying a solid piece of lead, a Sabot on the other hand……

  2. damn I sail 420s and thought I was the shit because I am REALLY good. Or atleast I thought i was a good sailor.

  3. Only one question. WHERE CAN I BUY IT FROM ITALY? Can you give me some links?

  4. youl fail. I’ve tried sailing one and i was on it for about 45 minutes, i only had it up and sailing for about 45 seconds

  5. If you’re close to melbourne try Black Rock Yacht club. they’re a cake walk to sail i have tried once

  6. The 2012 International Moth Class Open Australian National Championship will be held at Mornington Yacht Club between the 7th and 13th of January

  7. such crazy technology, generating 20 knots of speed with 3 knots of wind, amazing.

  8. @josephdupont I think they can go 30+ knots but the highest recorded speed on a blade rider moth is 28.7 knots, they are one of the fastest moths, but I am sure they can go faster!

  9. I want to make love to this boat, it looks so hard to sail though. Does anybody know if they have a lighter wind model (as if) cause I live on a lake

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