11 thoughts on “Sailing South Pacific Pt.1 – Hawaii to Fanning Island – The Voyage Of Emerald Steel

  1. So, you don’t see a girl? Hmmmm. Maybe she’s the one taking the video. Anyways, if you had watched the whole video you would have seen her. Thanks for the comment and watching.

  2. I know what you mean. I had to pour buckets of seawater on her to cool her down:)
    Comment appreciated. Thanks for watching.

  3. Great video, but the best part for me would be sailing around in that very calm and wave-free lagoon and ordering take-out from Fish-R-Us ;-))

  4. Very nice guys. Awesome photo of Susan. And you have prof of the big one that got away.

  5. This is my favorite also. Makes me wish I was there. I know you had a wonderful voyage but had a few scary moments.

  6. I remember suggesting hitting the fish over the head with a club or something. You tried the wench handle. There was blood everywhere. He wouldn’t go down.

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