25 thoughts on “Muppet Treasure Island – Sailing for Adventure

  1. “Sailing for adventure on the big-blue-wet-thing!” (Fozzie is a born
    comedian of all the muppets, he played his role as a half-wit ship-squire

  2. Kevins’ voice is beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes, yet if a robot were to
    see this, it could give him an error message

  3. Most likely the actor hit puberty a few years after the movie and now has a
    manly voice, unlike Justin Bieber who will always sound like a girl XD

  4. danger on the deck, we say what the heck! we laugh at the perils we’re

  5. Tim Curry stop being perfect. Arg, he makes such a perfect pirate! <3
    Lovely song, so much fun! I just adore the huge diffference between Tim's
    rough (sexy) pirate voice and Jim's (I haven't seen the movie, so I don't
    know if that's his name) soft and sweet voice. I still have no idea why the
    local video rental place doesn't have this movie. :'( Thanks for uploading!

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