24 thoughts on “SIG45 High Performance Catamaran Sailing Fast

  1. Catamarans are the smoothest of all vessels when it comes to motion on water. Its design eliminates rolling and creates a constant ‘flat’ surface from which you can enjoy your sailboat cruise without any fear of getting seasick! My friends sailed from South Africa to the BVIs to start a yacht charter business in 1990!

  2. Hi.I am a cat sailor and have sailed on many different cats over many years. I do like the fast stable features of the boat in the video, showing quite a fast clip. However, as has been pointed out, the narrow bows pierce through any wave or swell action, but in a seaway, surely the cat would slice the top of the wave and be left airbourne, such as smaller cats do in the surf. My worry is that you’ll be burried in the face of the next swell! Also, how does the anti capsize mechinism work?

  3. When I first saw this Queen of Cats I was in love. The SIG45 would be the dream of a life time….

  4. I’ll take the fast crusing anyday over slow and boring. Personally the boat looked very well balanced.

  5. As the owner of a MacGregor M36 open deck catamaran, I can really appreciate the beauty you created. Just too cool.
    I love large open deck cats that can haul …
    You have done so much with room and slim hulls. It is not that way on the 36′ narrow hull cats.
    Can you see past the cabin when at the helm?
    I am very interested in your anti-capsize device that releases the sheets.
    Is there any information on it on the internet?

    Bam Bam of Atlanta

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  7. I love your boat.I can appreciate everything you’ve done.Perfect for the gulf of mexico coast here in the U.S..Has this hull ever been built in aluminum?

  8. Hi Dan. Thanks for the questions
    1. The design allows racing and cruising so the boat can fly a hull to reduce drag. We reef early when cruising, and an anti-capsize device releases the sheets if pre-set pitch and heel angles are exceeded.
    2. The bows are designed to pierce waves rather than ride over them. Being very slender, they do not decellerate when buried, therefore reducting risk of pitchpole.
    3. When reaching, apparent wind is well forward of the bow. Hence the tightly sheeted main.

  9. Nice.

    A few questions:
    -Typically you don’t want one hull to come off the water on a *cruising* catamaran. Why is it designed like that?
    -That leeward hull’s bow dipping into the water isn’t too comforting either. Add some wave action and you get to think about pitch poling. Thoughts?
    -I think the catamaran was on a reach. The main seemed very close hauled for a reach. Is this how the main works on this design?


  10. Wish I had a helicopter filming me in my day sailor! Three thumbs up for the video,nice cat too!

  11. Let’s see a video of it sailing in rough seas. While a mini-playstation would be fun, being in wet weather gear isn’t preferable to sipping a latte during a storm on an atlantic passage in a gunboat.

    WTB: bridgedeck.

  12. Hi
    The boat was designed as a fast cruising boat, and is often used as such. For example, the owner of the first boat just spent 3 weeks this summer cruising with his wife, visiting Corsica, Sardinia, and Elba, having started from St Tropez.
    And actually, the boat is pretty good in rough conditions. While there is naturally some spray on the leeward side, the windward side is remarkably dry, even upwind.

  13. fast yes, but a cruising boat its not.
    i would love to sail it.
    would not want to sail it in any degree of weather though, looks like the deck would be awash with every wave, you would be swept over board or be straining against the safety harness the whole time.

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