16 thoughts on “Tetney Haven to Winteringham – sailing against the tide

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  2. Great video, but not an incentive to go to work tomorrow, having mid week sailing withdrawal symptoms!

  3. Sure do Dylan, had some very close encounters with the Dee sand banks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it is a bit odd to thinkl of a thousand blokes all cramming the decks of KTL

    to fit on they would all have to the same size as action men (GI Joes)


  5. thanks Chris – and you certainly understand shallow sailing given where you are based

  6. Mark Twain is often credited with stating; “The Missouri River is too thick to drink, and too thin to plow.” Sounds like the Humber….

  7. Fabulous sail – thanks for sharing. So much mud – easy to forget about east coast mud, out here in NZ!

  8. about six hours or there-abouts

    I did put her aground for a spot of lunch and a snooze

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