25 thoughts on “Singlehanded sailing kitecam compilation

  1. wonderful video…beautifully photographed ,great choice of music…..cant say enough………thks for sharing

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  3. is that a twizzle setup on the twin headsails? that seems to work really nicely. I have a bayfield 25. looks like a similar boat. very nice. and inspiring.

  4. It looks like a lot of work and effort. What happened to leaning on the wheel with a drink in hand and a babe on the deck.

  5. Still my absolut favorit sailing video.
    I’m watching it when ever i miss my boat!


  6. Nice package, good music and phenomenal video. Its cold and raining here, but this puts me behind the wheel reaching with a stiff breeze. Thanks

  7. The shot under the twin headsials is nice !! To be admired by sailors and landlubbers

  8. Beutifull song.I was laughing all the way through this video.Better than porn I was haveing a great time. Such a joy to watch man. I envy you sir.

  9. Thanks for posting this as I now have a setup on the way to the same thing! Beautiful boat to! If you get down to Monterey Bay and see a sailboat towing a kite you can credit your video.

  10. Wow.. This is one of the best ideas to capture cool sailing video I think I’ve ever seen. Good stuff. 🙂

  11. So much can be done with a light steady wind, from flying a kite to sailing around the world. Great video! Thanks

  12. I couldn’t agree more, I watch this video heaps of times, and it always makes me happy !

  13. What setup are you using for your KAV? How do you keep the camera so stable and without bouncing?

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