24 thoughts on “Rod Stewart – Sailing ( Original Music Video )

  1. what about “driving a motorboat”? imho sailing requires a sail…and wind 😀

    we are driving, we are driving

  2. today start a final of the Tall Ships Races 2013 in Szczecin Poland 🙂
    this is an anthem!

  3. How young and sexy was Rod on this…..my husband Steve had this played on our wedding day for our 1st dance, I will post this on my FB tomorrow, 33 years Annivarsary 2nd August 1980………..Rod you are still sexy 🙂

  4. i guess it wldnt be cool to admit i just had a moment of oneness with the universe listening to this while watching a big moth on the budlier in the twilight ?

  5. Rod śpiewał o żeglowaniu, a myśmy( ferajna z II roku Mech. Technologii Drewna w Ruciane Nidzie- lipiec ’76 r. ) żeglowalismy po J. Nidzkim…, aż po słynną leśniczówkę-Pranie. A raki jakie były pyszne, a szczupaki… palce lizac; ale najlepsze było kuflowe “Pod łabędziem”. O specyfiku -Whisky ze Szkocji , tylko przy kolejnym szczupaku z rożna, gdzieś w ok. Perły Jezior…

  6. She wanted my mum and my aunt to play it on her funeral, and since that day, i love the song so so so much. <3

  7. Today two months ago, my beloved grandmother died, she loved this song and she also loved Rod Stewart, she died of kidney cancer, I’m only 14 and this was hard on me, I cried very often, and have done it for her funeral, i’m crying everytime i hear the song, I’m crying right now, because I loved her so much, rest in peace, I love you with all my heart, RIP <3

  8. “Sailing” is a song written by Gavin Sutherland and recorded by The Sutherland Bros. Band

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